OWC gearing up to host West Asia & GCC Championships

Muscat, March 11 – Oman Weightlifting Committee (OWC) will host the West Asia and GCC championship in Muscat in coordination with Ministry of Sports Affairs from March 26 to April 1. The seven-day event will see the participation of more than 200 weightlifters representing over 18 countries. It will be the biggest tournament to be organised by the OWC till date and will also feature women’s teams for the first time. The Oman national women’s team will be one of the competitors in this category. The organising team is gearing up to set up all the final preparations for commencement of the tournament.
The committee held a meeting recently at the Ministry of Sports Affairs headquarters to discuss the final stages of the preparations for the event. The meeting is chaired by Said al Ghabshi, chairman of OWC, who said that this is the next host for the committee after a successful GCC championship in 2016.  “We will have many teams to raise the readiness level including technical committee, media and public relation and medical team. This kind of a tournament is such a golden opportunity to raise the technical level of sports at domestic level and promote the Sultanate to others. We worked very hard to position the Sultanate to be a station to host this event in direct supervision by West Asian” he added.
“A special workshop for referees will be held as part of the tournament. Mustafa Mahdi and Mohammed Semsem will lead the umpire training programme. We hope to come out from the course with better experienced local referees who will be officiating the competitions in upcoming tournaments,” Al Ghabshi said. The organising committee is chaired by Said al Ghabshi, chairman of OWC, Yousef al Hasani, head of technical committee, Fadhil al Mazroui, head of media and public relation team and Said al Nabhani, head of financial team.