Orpic’s Polypropylene Plant achieves major safety milestone

As part of its value to put safety and the environment first, Orpic’s Polypropylene Plant has achieved an important safety milestone by completing 10 years without Lost Time Injury (LTI). The Polypropylene Plant manufactures seventeen different grades of homopolymer.
Marketed under the brand name of “Luban”, these grades cover all the broad spectrum applications of polypropylene homopolymer.
Orpic is committed to excellence in Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance during all operations and activities. As a reputed and professional producer of petroleum and petrochemical products, attention to HSE and compliance to applicable laws is critical to Orpic’s business philosophy. Orpic gives the safety of its people, plants, environment and local communities the highest priority, over and above its production objectives.
In addition, the strict application of the companies 12 Orpic Safety Rules has been one of the success factors for this achievement. One of which is that everybody working at Orpic can go home safely everyday.
It is noteworthy that the propylene is taken by the Polypropylene Plant. Polypropylene is a widely-used thermoplastic polymer, which forms the basis of many different products — everything from packaging to carpets to banknotes.