Oozing Charm

Bubbly, charming, energetic and elegant is the right introduction for the members of the dance troupe which has come from Kyrgyzstan to perform at the Salalah Tourism Festival (STF) this year. All in their teens, these performers are the super charm of the STF. Their actions are so magnificent that no one can afford to pass them without having a pause to watch the steps and actions when they are performing on the stage.

They are always eager to perform without any sign of tiredness. They are so quick in action that they leave everyone guessing. “Are they students? They look like professional performers,” someone whispers in the crowd and the Kyrgyz team leader Yadyrysova Zhypara takes pride in responding quickly, “Yes all of them are school or college students learning music at my school.”
The seven-member team, including the team leader, has become so popular that festival visitors wait for their turn at the stage where performers from many countries are giving performances. The troupe has five girls and one boy.
Their performances alongside the local Omani dance and music programmes in the festival are adding colour to the festival.
All of them are pursuing diverse undergraduate courses, while the youngest Zarnaeva Altynai is still in high school and the eldest Omurkulova Fatima has just done graduation in Architecture. Bolotbekova Prizat is studying tourism; Satarrova Aiganysh is second year medicine student; Bekzhanova Eldiana is studying language and the only boy in the team, Berdibakov Nurmukhammad is also studying tourism. One thing is common for all of them. They belong to the same music school, which started some 16 years ago.

The young troupe members are excited to be in Oman, as this is their only second journey outside Kyrgyzstan after Turkey. They are liking Salalah but missing their homeland, which has summer now with temperature ranging between 17 and 20 degrees Celsius.
All of them are pursuing dance as their hobby and want to excel in their study areas. “But we are not going to quit music even after we complete our studies and start working. This hobby is very close to our heart. Moreover, this gives us chance to visit countries,” said Perizat.
Equally excited is Nurmukhammad, who is happy over his visit to a Middle Eastern country. “I am experiencing the life and style of Omani people. There are many things common, and many things different between Oman and our country. The difference lies mainly in climate. We have rivers, mountains and cool weather, which makes our dresses entirely different,” he said.
Team leader Zhypara finds the audience in Oman disciplined. “Omanis are hospitable and it is nice for us to see people from so many nationalities at one place. I also find strong positive vibration in the country,” she said.

Kaushalendra Singh