Onus on private sector to support Omanis

By Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami — Everyone recognises the significance of being employed and having a source of income you can rely on. Then you worry about nothing but a proper increment every now and then. However, many are still chasing the dream of getting a job, a dream that looks impossible nowadays. With a shortfall of job opportunities in the market, thousands of graduates and other job-seekers are disappointed. Some have ended up as shopkeepers, while others have started doing some business.
What matters is they should not stop chasing their dreams as success comes only to those who believe in their dreams.
Today, being a graduate doesn’t mean you will get a job that matches your field of study, due to paucity of jobs. Thus, having a certificate doesn’t help all the time; sometimes you just need to adapt yourself to the environment around you. Hence, having a job is far much better than waiting for a dream job.
Dear job-seekers, what you need to do is make the most of the available jobs and get the experience. Perhaps, it might not be the right job for you, but consider it as an experience that might open a new window for you. Always look at the bright side of every opportunity that you come across.
In a bid to keep your hopes alive till your dream comes true, you have to believe in every challenge and disability as an opportunity. It all depends on how you look at things and how much you evaluate any opportunity that comes to you.
Keeping your hopes and enthusiasm high is a plus point that urges people to make the best out of opportunities. Therefore, what you do for a living doesn’t matter as much as what you make for yourself and how to make things come your way.
Either you drive your life or unconsciously things around you will drive you. I don’t believe there is anything disappointing in life if we learn lessons and get the right message out of it.
The current scenario of paucity of job openings in both government and private sectors is upsetting for the job-seekers. It’s extremely scary for most of them as they have lost the hope of getting employed. Most people have been blaming the government for the shrinking of job opportunities.
Is the government alone responsible? No. The government is sparing no effort in helping Omanis find employment and bringing them as many opportunities as possible.
However, we are all aware the decline of oil prices and budget control are reasons behind the dip in the number of jobs.
The private sector, being a key partner in the nation-building process, should play a key role in backing the government. Companies have to shoulder the responsibility of offering more job opportunities for Omanis to cover the shortage of employment in the public sector.
Lots of jobs are being given to expatriates while Omanis who can handle such jobs have been sidelined.
Some jobs don’t require foreign expertise, so Omanis should be given priority in such cases.
It’s shameful that Omanis are not given an opportunity to prove themselves and compete with expatriates.

— aljahdhami22@gmail.com