Only Omani drivers for vehicles with agro products

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has made a statement on the Omanisation of drivers of vehicles used for transporting agricultural products.

It was responding to the requests made by some citizens regarding Omanisation of the profession of driving cars and transporting agricultural products and animals to Omanis inside the Sultanate or through its land ports.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has coordinated with the Ministry of Manpower, which confirmed that Ministerial Resolution (324/984),  which prohibits expatriates from driving vehicles to transport agricultural products from vegetables, fruits, dates, fodder, (dry palm fronds) and animals out of the Sultanate, still valid and in place.

This decision must be implemented in line with the ministerial decision (218/2018) regarding the regulation of means of transporting agricultural products through land ports.

Therefore, coordination has been made with the Royal Oman Police to not allow the exit of means of transport of agricultural products and animals of various tonnage unless the driver is Omani.

The ministry requests all business owners to abide by what is stated in the public interest.

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