Online tuition lure parents

Muscat: With the online classes initiated by both public and private schools since the Covid-19 stay home protocol, there has been simultaneous trend of online ‘tuition centres’ that luring the parents and students with flexible timings, combo packages and ‘better fees’ at the virtual platforms.

A large number of such ‘tuition centers’ have mushroomed from around the world aiming to capitalise on the present predicament and what works well for them apparently is the lack of restrictions drawn by geographical boundaries.

“Yes, there are some online tuition centers sprouting around the world,” said the educational advisor of a community school.

“They may offer various user-friendly packages to attract the parents and children but their quality is still unknown to the end users,” he said.

An online interview with one of the tuition centers revealed that this particular institution had started marketing themselves since Arab countries announced closure of schools and partial lockdowns weeks ago and that this Centre currently has managed to gain strength of more than 5,000 students in all the GCC countries.

“We are an online tuition platform developed to assist CBSE students. Parents can register and watch all the video classes five days for free. We have various combo offers on first come first served basis. We are available 24 hours if you need any assistance,” the marketing personnel of the centre said.

“I wanted to join my son in 9th standard for private tuitions online and my family friend suggested this center. Currently, we are going through the free demo classes for a week before we decide on the same,” mother of a student told the Observer.

Having banned home tuitions for money in most of the countries in the region, virtual classes may strive and children and parents are way better off as there is no stipulated timings set for the classes. Instead, a video for each chapter would be sent to the students from time to time with a few hours of personal attention that helps students clarify their doubts with the teacher.

However, the online home tuitions are not without any glitches.

“Lack of accountability and non- applicability of legalities or any jurisdiction keep the parents in a tricky situation,” says Mohammed Haris, a legal expert in intellectual properties.