One-stop centre for jobs gets nod

MUSCAT, Jan 2 – A centre to unite all employment services in Oman received the approval of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday.
According to a statement from the council, all matters relating to the establishment of National Centre for Employment will be completed before the end of February.
“After reviewing the position of national workforce and importance of coordinating employment opportunities in various sectors, the Council of Ministers has given its approval for establishment of the new centre,” said the statement. “All matters related to this centre will be finalised before the end of February 2019.”
The establishment of the centre is one of the many proposals made by the Implementation Support and Follow-up Unit of Tanfeedh.
“The centre will examine/ coordinate the supply/ demand position of job opportunities in both public and private sectors,” the council said.
Shahswar al Balushi, member of the Tanfeedh Advisory Board, said the centre will act as a one-stop centre for the authorities, employers and job-seekers.
“The centre will merge efforts of the authorities and coordinate action plans and assist the employment process between employers and job-seekers, and provide support for both,” he told the Observer.
The centre will eliminate many obstacles, thanks to a unified system that will benefit employees, job-seekers, investors and businesses.

“It will match the qualification of the job-seeker and needs of the employer and act accordingly,” he said.
According to Shahswar, the centre will have a scientific approach with an integrated employment classification database that will benefit employers as well as job-seekers.
According to him, companies will have to go through the centre to fulfil their recruitment requirements.
“When a company needs an employee for a profession for which an Omani national is not available, it can approach the centre for its requirements, even if it means hiring a foreign worker,” he said.
“If an Omani is found to have skills required by the company, then the application (for a foreign worker) will be rejected and an Omani will be sent for an interview,” said Shahswar, who is also the CEO of Oman Society for Contractors.