Oman’s first female PADI champions underwater conservation

By Al Anood Al Wahaibi –

Ehdaa Al Barwani , 33 years old, also known as Dive with Dee across social media is known to be the first Omani female PADI (Professional Association of Diving instructors).
Her love for diving was instilled within her since she was young. Growing up close to the sea and being a “water baby” is one of the reasons that inspired her to become a professional diving instructor.

Al Barwani’s journey to becoming a professional diver was an easy and natural transition for her. Her first open water dive was in 2011, she then stopped for a couple of years before getting back to diving and becoming a PADI in 2018.
The beach trips she used to go to every Fridays for what is so-called “family get-togethers”, allowed her to spend the day in the water, and are some of the other inspirations in becoming a diver.
“I didn’t expect to be the first female Omani diver though, it just happened to be that way”, Al Barwani adds.
Al Barwani also aims to spread awareness for underwater conservation. “During my dive, I encourage my divers and students to pick up any plastic wastes during their dives and to put it in their pockets until the end of the dive. This encourages good habits and instils a sense of responsibility in the divers,” she explains.
Becoming a diving instructor to Al Barwani was not difficult, instead, she was able to do it even during her travels and meet many inspirational people who encouraged her during her journey.

Ehdaa is hoping to have a full team of Omani women dive professionals, and also an Omani dive team aimed at spreading awareness about underwater conservation.
During the 50th National Day of Oman, Al Barwani was diving in with the traditional Omani outfit to spread awareness for underwater conservation. “The desperate need for us as Omani nationals to make sure our seas remain clean. It provides us with many resources; Oxygen, climate regulation, food and medicine sources.”, she adds.
Finally, Al Barwani aims to encourage more Omanis to take up diving as a sport to learn about the underwater and what coral reefs mean for the environment. It is a sport with no age requirement and can be enjoyable by all.
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