Omanis spend 6 hours a day on social media

MUSCAT: The average daily usage of social media by Omanis stood at six hours. This was revealed by an opinion poll conducted on the use of social media by Omanis. It shows that 94 per cent have social media accounts and the most widely used social media apps is WhatsApp, which accounts for 93 per cent of the users of social media, followed by YouTube with 71 per cent and Instagram 50 per cent. The poll which was conducted by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) in March shows that 36 per cent of Omanis polled said they trust social media as a source of news and information. Thirty-eight per cent of Omani women said they trust social media against 36 per cent of males.

The use of social media is more among those who have higher education level (42 per cent), compared to those with lower educational level at 26 per cent. Omani citizens have 3 accounts on social media, the poll has revealed. The poll also shows that one third of Omani citizens (32 per cent) have use social media for shopping and one out of 5 Omanis use social media for selling products or services during the three-month period that preceded the NCSI poll. The use of social media for trade purposes is significantly more among women as 40 per cent of women use social media for trade against 23 per cent of males. Women use social media for purchase and search of commodities and services. Twenty-two per cent of females use social media for promotion and selling of commodities compared to 17 per cent of males.