Omani’s clean energy device gets patent

MUSCAT, April 15 –
An Omani inventor’s device that produces clean energy from water molecules has secured patent from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI). The device, which can transform water molecules into gas flames, can be used for domestic purposes, oil and gas, and industrial applications such as heating, cutting materials, as well as in power plants and motors.
The invention, which is in pilot stage now, can be introduced across the country with investment from corporates and private individuals.
“It (the invention) is an effort to produce clean energy which is safe for the environment, for industrial as well as domestic needs at low cost,” Dhuhi Jamal Hilal al Barwani, inventor and also an aircraft engineer, told the Observer.
Al Barwani said it part of the ministry’s efforts to create a competitive business environment for the private sector.
“It is an act of encouragement for researchers and workers in scientific and research institutions to submit their innovative ideas and projects and facilitate transfer of technology from scientific and research institutions to the industrial sector,” he said.
“The objective behind registration of the invention is to protect it from theft,” he said.
The device has been nominated for display in international exhibitions, including Geneva International Patent Fair and the Middle East Innovation and Innovations Exhibition in Kuwait.
Talking about his invention, Dhuha bin Jamal al Barwani said the device is economically feasible because of its low cost of manufacture and operation compared with other sources of energy.
“The invention will help reduce the huge amounts paid by the government for energy solutions.”
He said it is aimed at creating alternative sources of clean and environmentally-friendly as well as cost-effective energy sources. The aim of the patent is to protect the owner’s exclusive intellectual property rights from commercially making and selling the invention.
The device has the potential to contribute to the economy due to its low manufacturing cost compared with existing energy sources thus reducing the huge amounts of money spent by the government on energy, Al Barwani said adding that the invention has been nominated by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to represent the Sultanate in regional and international exhibition including the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions and the International Invention Fair of the Middle East.

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