Omani Students in Ireland celebrate National Day

LONDON: The Omani Students Society in Ireland held a celebration to mark the 46th National Day under the auspices of Dettia O’Reilly, Honorary Consul of Oman in Ireland. The ceremony was attended by a number of universities and colleges students, the Irish and Irish officials, families, in addition to various Arab communities.
The Honorary Consul congratulated the students on the occasion and praised the Omani students in Ireland for maintaining a good reputation among other nationalities. Some patriotic songs were sung on the occasion.
THE HAGUE: On the occasion of the 46th Glorious National Day, the Sultanate’s Embassy in the Kingdom of the Netherlands hosted an official reception under the auspices of HH Sayyid Mohammed bin Harib al Said, Sultanate’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The reception was attended by senior officials at the Dutch government, a number of members at the parliament, heads of universities and scientific institutes, a number of ambassadors and heads of Arab and foreign diplomatic missions accredited to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.