Omani discovery to help treat acute infections

Staff Reporter –
MUSCAT, March 18 –

An Omani scientist has discovered for the first time in the world a new type of fungus that causes infection in human body, especially patients with acute infections and those with immunodeficiency.
Dr Abdullah bin Mohammed al Hatmi, a senior specialist in the medical laboratories of the Ministry of Health, discovered this fungus with a high anti-fungal resistance and belongs to the genus Fusarium.
The results of this discovery could lead to the diagnosis and treatment of more patients, which was not possible in the past.
Infection with the currently described fungus is very serious, especially in patients with severe immune system weakness (immunocompromised). If left untreated, it might pose a risk to patients’ lives.
The discovery has been published in the Journal of Medical Mycology, a peer-review publication specialising in medical and clinical fungi.