Oman, UAE discuss export, import of farm produce

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries hosted a delegation from the Ministry of Climate Change and the Environment in the United Arab Emirates under the chairmanship of Saif Mohammed al Shara, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Assistant to the External Audit Sector, Acting Under-Secretary of the Ministry and his accompanying delegation.
The meetings were coordinated by the Omani delegation headed by Dr Ahmed bin Nasser al Bakri, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries for Agriculture, in the presence of a number of Directors General and Department Directors and specialists from the Ministry.
During these meetings, a number of topics related to the import and export of vegetables and fruits between the two countries were discussed and reached agreement, including but not limited to the mechanisms approved for the export and import of agricultural consignments, phytosanitary certificates for exported and re-exported consignments, in addition to discussing the facilitation of procedures for farmers that follow good agricultural practices and are certified organic agricultural products.
The team visited a number of laboratories notably the agricultural and animal research laboratories in Al Ramis in the Wilayat of Barka, the Ministry of Agriculture, the International Laboratory and Laboratories in the Gala region, and the Agricultural Society of Oman.