Oman rated second best destination in Asia

MUSCAT, JAN 2 – Oman has been rated as the second best destination in Asia for 2019 by Travel Lemming, a site dedicated to promoting the world’s emerging destinations and encouraging travellers to think beyond the traditional tourist spots.
The annual Emerging Destination Awards winners are selected by some of the world’s top travel influencers, the site said.
“Oman appeals to me because of all the different activities that you can do there in just one visit — safaris, dune buggies and beaches all in one trip? Count me in,” said one of the judges Kamelia Britton.
Travel Lemming, describing Oman, said, “Perhaps the most underrated destination in the Middle East (which, yes, we include within our Asia awards), Oman has something for every type of traveller. From taking a 4 x 4 over majestic rolling sand dunes, to relaxing at a high-end resort on a pristine beach, to wildlife safaris, you’re likely to be surprised by the incredible array of activities on offer in Oman.”
“Muscat is a charming place to experience Arabian culture. Oh, and if you visit during late summer, you can witness the spectacle of tens of thousands of turtles hatching and make their brave first run towards the ocean,” the report said.
Oman has been ranked below Sri Lanka among the emerging destinations in Asia, to be followed by Bhutan, Mongolia, Hampi (India) and Niseko (Japan).