Oman Oil Company conducts Cyber Security Awareness Workshop

Business Reporter –

Oman Oil Company (OOC), the Government’s investment arm in the energy related sectors, conducted a Cyber Security Awareness Workshop in cooperation with Oman National CERT.
This first-of-its-kind initiative took place at OOC’s headquarters, as part of the company’s strategy to sustain IT security awareness amongst the Group. The workshop was presented by Oman National CERT, and delivered for the Company’s Senior Management and the Group’s Executive Managing Directors as well as Heads of IT and Information Security Departments.
The Workshop was conducted to promote information security awareness and protection against cyber threats within OOC Group of Companies. It was delivered by Eng Badar al Salehi, Director General of Oman National CERT and Head of ITU Cyber Security Office, with the presence of Eng Isam bin Saud al Zadjali, Chief Executive Officer of OOC along with concerned officials from the Group of companies.
Commenting on this initiative, Eng Isam al Zadjali, Oman Oil Company’s CEO, said: “It is always important to raise awareness about Cyber Security across organisations, learn about the best practices, and keep updated with latest cyber security, threats and challenges. Companies have a lot of internal security professionals and capabilities, and it is vital to work closely with Oman National CERT for guidance for a safe cyber environment. This cooperation will ensure improving IT security systems in the Group with key technical strategies and various aspects of the cyber security.”
Eng. Badar al Salehi, DG of Oman National CERT and Head of ITU Cyber Security Office said: “This engagement and collaboration between OOC and Oman National CERT is part of our efforts towards the critical national infrastructure protection in Oman. The session briefing assists decision makers to define their cyber security strategies and road maps. In addition, it helps organisations to achieve their cyber security objectives.”
The Workshop focused on different methods used to avoid threats and risk occurred previously to local institutions and individuals, whether natural disasters, technical or human threats.
Oman National CERT highlighted its role to provide support on cyber security protection and deal with security incidents experienced by institutions and individuals in addition to its regional role through the Arab Regional Centre — ITU.