Oman Daily Observer celebrates writers Media Excellence win

To celebrate its writers recent win in the Media Excellence Award, Oman Daily Observer through the efforts of its Acting CEO and Oman Arabic Chief Saif al Mahrouqi and Oman Daily Observer Editor in Chief Abdullah al Shueili, held a small soiree in recognition of the writers’ outstanding accomplishment.

Attended by dozen of their other colleagues, Yahya al Salmani, Nizar al Musalmy and Abdulaziz al Jahdhami were all present giving the staff a glimpse of the trophies they received from the Ministry of Information and the Public Authority for Radio and Television who organised the event.
Al Shueili said that accomplishments like what the three achieved is something that always inspires organisations to do an even better job.
He added that it sets an example and for it, they deserve not only their colleagues accolades but proper recognition as well.
Al Salmani won an award for his article on ‘Grave violations at Bausher Heritage Sites’ while Al Musalmy and al Jahdhami shared the award in Column Category. Al Musalmy who delves on everyday Omani experiences talked about respect in his piece ‘Too much salt” while Al Jahdhami talks about the importance of dreams in his column titled ‘A dream of a blue collar man.’ The three writers were very grateful for the small celebration. A photo op and a small party soon followed that became the highlight of the celebration.