Oman celebrates Eid al Adha today


A festive mood set in all across Oman with citizens, residents and visitors all set to Eid al Adha — the festival of sacrifice on Monday.
All the streets and shopping malls were abuzz with people wrapping up their last-minute shopping as part of the preparations for the annual festival.
In addition to sacrifice of animals, making special food and presenting gifts or cash, especially to children are important elements of Eid.
“We have done with the shopping. Only sweets were to be bought. Sweets are a major flavour of Eid”, said Mubarak al Wahaibi in Ruwi.
The heavy rush during the weekend has forced several retailers to stay open late in the night.
Eid al Adha commemorates the story of Prophet Ibrahim’s test of faith. Muslims believe Ibrahim was commanded by God to sacrifice his son, Ishmael.
Eid al Adha also coincides with the completion of the Haj, which millions of people partake in every year.

It is common practice to gift some of the sacrificial meat, donate a part to charity and consume the rest at home. The animal that is sacrificed — which is usually a goat, sheep, cow or camel.
Muscat Municipality has already readied its abattoirs days in advance to meet the Eid rush.
“All facilities have undergone maintenance. A fully automated device to skin cows has been installed, which will save a lot of time for the butchers and enable quicker service,” a Muscat Municipality official said.
Abattoirs are ready in terms of its qualified technical staff including veterinarians, inspectors and lab technicians.
“They will check the health and safety of sacrificial animals and to take necessary measures for slaughtering the animals in hygienic way”, he said.
He said these arrangements have been made to encourage people to get their animals slaughtered at the abattoirs instead of hiring illegal butchers at their homes for slaughtering animals.
Meanwhile, the Royal Oman Police called upon motorists not to be preoccupied with answering Eid greeting messages and phone calls while driving.
It asked drivers to avoid speeding not just on main roads but internal as well. “Do not exceed the speed limit,” the ROP warned.
While calling upon families visiting beaches to supervise children and avoid drowning accidents, it urged people to avoid firing bullets as part of the Eid celebrations, regardless of whether it is a licenced or unlicenced weapon.