Oman attends GCC eGov, post and telecom meetings

The Ministry of Technology and Communications (MTC) participated in the 22nd meeting of the GCC eGovernment Executive Committee and 28th meeting of the GCC Committee for Under-Secretaries for Post and Telecommunications which were held virtually through conference video calls.  The Sultanate’s team was headed by Dr. Salim bin Sultan al Ruzaiqi, CEO at MTC.

During the meeting, the committee discussed the General Secretariat report and what has been implemented of the decisions that had been agreed on in its 21st meeting. The Committee also reviewed some suggestions on developing the GCC portal and preparing a standard model for the implementation of the GCC eGov Guidelines Strategy as well as issuing a report containing GCC Egov achievements.

The committee also went through the developments of eGovernment programmes of the GCC countries in the United Nations eGovernment survey which was issued recently by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

The committee also reviewed the report of the General Secretariat on the future direction of the committee’s work and the ICT initiatives of the GCC countries in facing the spread of coronavirus. In addition, the committee was briefed on Saudi initiatives to protect kids in cyberspace and empower women in cyber-security.

The agenda of the 28th meeting of the GCC Committee for Under-Secretaries of Post and Telecommunications discussed a number of topics related to telecommunications, IT and post services including the unified draft law regulating the activities of private companies and institutions working in the field of international urgent post and parcels and the importance of updating it in accordance with the current developments, as well as restructuring the working teams and committees in postal services at the GCC countries. In addition, the committee emphasized the importance of studying the interconnectivity between the GCC countries.

The participants also discussed the need for coordination of visits for social media companies, with the aim of sharing knowledge and expertise among the GCC countries, as well as urging companies providing Internet services and applications to meet the requirements and needs of the GCC countries in this field. The committee also addressed the recommendations of the Technical Committee of the Technical Office for Communications related to radio interference between the GCC countries and neighboring countries and the results of The World Telecommunication Conference held at the end of last year.

Finally, the committee addressed the efforts of the GCC countries, the role of the telecommunications and information technology sector and business continuity plans in facing and recovering from the pandemic.


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