Odissi dance workshop with Arushi Mudgal

A four-day workshop Odissi dance form, which is also known as Orissi in older literature, was conducted with renowned Odissi dancer, Arushi Mudgal at the Kings United Dance Academy, the event partners of the workshop, recently. Conducted by Deepam Odissi Academy, the first Odissi academy to be established in Muscat by Deepak Roy in 1994, the intense workshop was conceptualised and executed by Deepam’s instructor, Aishwarya Hegde from April 19 to 22.
The workshop on Odissi, a major ancient Indian classical dance that originated in the Hindu temples of Odisha, an eastern coastal state of India, mainly focused on the artist teaching pure Odissi dance forms. The workshop also had few guest speakers who addressed the participants on various issues pertaining to this art, thus offering a unique workout for the body, mind, and soul during the four days. The workshop was exclusively attended by trained classical dancers.
Known for her technical virtuosity and creative approach to the traditional dance form of Odissi, Arushi Mudgal who has several accolades to her credit, demonstrated various postures and poses of Odissi. Pulsating with rhythm and expression, the artist mesmerised the participants by her refreshing recitals. They also learnt the various elements, technique, and footwork of this dance form from the artist.
Dr Narayan Ramachandran, senior consultant and chief of orthopedics & trauma, Armed Forces Hospital discussed about the injuries caused to a dancer while performing. A talk on the importance of yoga and breathing exercises was given by Deeba Menon from Art of Living. Ashwini Fernandes, a certified make-up artist, hair stylist and Airbrush-trained from London College of Makeup and Magical Makeovers addressed the participants on the significance of makeup. The workshop also organised an interactive session on the last day of the workshop.