OCCI waives off late fee fine

The Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) has announced that no late fees will be collected from the member companies who have failed to pay their membership fee in time. The new decision, which is applicable to all member companies across the country, is the result of various entrepreneurs meeting with the representatives of the OCCI and expressing their concerns over the sluggish business in the recent past after the COVID 19 broke out in China in December 2019.
“This move is in response to a number of requests that we received from companies that are operating in the country after their businesses were affected in the recent incidents”, a spokesperson said.
Accordingly, those who have failed to pay their fees for the year 2019, as well as those who have defaulted in the previous year, can pay their fees without any fine in the coming days at the Chamber offices.
“This decision of the Board is to provide the best facilities for the members and to enable them to practice their commercial activities uninterrupted and to ensure that the development and encouragement of the business environment to contribute to the growth of private sector institutions”, he added. Additionally, the source further clarified that this waiver will be applicable to those who settle their arrears before September 2020.