OCCI holds seminar on labour market

MUSCAT: The seminar on “Labor Market in light of the Instability of the Financial System and the Global Economic Changes” on Sunday reviewed the outlook for oil prices and the most anticipated economic changes in the 2017 at the local and global economic level in order to activate the role of the private sector to contribute to the promotion of economic growth. The opening ceremony of the seminar was held under the auspices of Abdullah bin Salim al Salmi, Executive President of the Capital Market Authority (CMA). Mohammed bin Hassan al Ansi, Head of OCCI Human Resources and Labour Market Committee, said the aim of the seminar is to identify the outlook for oil prices and the most important economic changes expected in 2017 at the local and global level.

Tariq Syed Jamal al Rifai, CEO of Cuorum Center for Strategic Studies in the United Kingdom, presented a working paper entitled “The Instability of our Financial System and the Next Major Crisis,” during which he explained that this paper is based on a study conducted by the center six years ago relating to the financial crisis and its solutions. Then a panel discussion was held attended by Tariq al Rifai, Louay Badie al Bataina, CEO of Ubar Capital, and Ridha bin Juma al Saleh, Deputy Chairman of OCCI, for Administrative and Financial Affairs. — ONA