OCA Walkathon on Oct 30

The Annual Walkathon will be held next month as part of National and Global Awareness Campaign, the Oman Cancer Association (OCA) has announced. The 15th walkathon, a 2km walk, will be held on October 30 from 4pm to 6.30pm at the Qurum Municipal Park. This year’s theme is ‘I care’.
The Pink Ribbon Initiative and the Annual Walkathon is held to create and spread awareness on all forms of cancer.
“Your participation in the Walk on October 30 is crucial and necessary. Bring your friends and family to this enjoyable and important meet. Join us and support cancer advocacy campaign. Give strength to the victims and their families. Let us demonstrate to them that they are not alone,” Dr Wahid al Kharousi, Chairman of OCA, said at the press conference held at OCA headquarters in Al Ghubra.
“We solicit your support through active participation and sponsorship of this unique event,” he said.
Every year, the month of October is dedicated to raising awareness nationally and globally on breast cancer and also to remember the victims of breast cancer, their families and to assist in the rehabilitation of cancer survivors.
This programme will be held in October across four different malls: City Centre-Muscat (MCC), City Centre-Qurum (QCC), Muscat Grand Mall (MGM) and the Oman Avenues Mall (OAM).
“As always we work very closely with our partners and sponsors who support the association, to whom we are very grateful. These are PDO, Occidental Oman, TRA, Omantel, NBO, Saud Bahwan and Oman Oil. We thank all the other sponsors who have supported us to make these events possible. We thank our partner company which is organising this year’s event – Seerabeece,” Dr Kharousi said at the press conference held at OCA headquarters in Al Ghubra.