OBC gears up for Oman bodybuilding and physique championship

Oman Bodybuilding Committee (OBC) is gearing up to host the upcoming 17th edition of the Oman bodybuilding and physique championship. The tournament will be held at Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex, indoor hall, during March 19 to 21, 2020.
The event, which is expected to be in full house, will be an opportunity for the committee to select the right candidates for the national team to represent the Sultanate in regional and international meets. The tourney is a great platform to develop the bodybuilding and physique fields in the Sultanate. The registration will be open for all the players in different categories except to those who achieved medals for the Sultanate in this year at external participations including West Asia Bodybuilding Championship, Asian Bodybuilding Championship and Arab Bodybuilding Championship.
OBC is taking many steps for a better edition next year as the registration for the tournament will be open also for expatriates. The organising committee implemented simple fees for the players who would like to take part in the tournament beside to the tickets for the fans.
The committee official announced that the players who would like to represent the Sultanate at the IFBB competitions should take part in the Oman bodybuilding and physique championship. Otherwise, the committee will not provide the letters for participation at the IFBB tournaments and championships.
Oman bodybuilding champions delivered an exceptional year in 2019 by claiming more than 10 medals at different external championships in bodybuilding and physique. Oman national bodybuilding team had recorded a crucial performance at the West Asia bodybuilding and physique championship in Bahrain in May. Nineteen medals were won by the national team including 11 gold medals, six silver and two bronze.