Recommendations to link education output with job market have been accepted

The Education Council has approved recommendations related to education made by a seminar held in May this year. The council also approved the executive plan for implementing these recommendations made at the seminar it had organised on ‘Education, Development Trends, Current and Future Job Opportunities in the Labour Market’. The implementation will be followed up by the Secretariat-General of Education, while the other recommendations will be referred to the relevant organisations.
This stems from His Majesty the Sultan’s firmness on the importance of linking educational output with the needs of the local job market, and is based on the outcome of a number of studies, seminars and reports on job opportunities, majors, skills, requirements of manpower, the capacity and diversity of the labour market and the availability of incentives and conducive environment.
The Education Council organised in May a seminar on “Education, Development Trends, Current and Future Job Opportunities in the Labour Market.” Preparatory workshops for this seminar were held in September 2016 and February 2017.

The seminar was aimed at highlighting the global trends of the 4th Industrial Revolution and its implications on education and labour market.
It was also aimed at raising awareness on the outcomes of national project on matching higher education outputs with labour market needs.
The Secretariat-General of Education Council prepared a report on the recommendations of the seminar and submitted the same to the Education Council, which took necessary measures.
The recommendations were grouped into five fields: education, employment, economy, media and social awareness, and structuring and governance.
The recommendations were revised and audited by participants of the seminar and an academic team from College of Economy and Political Sciences at Sultan Qaboos University as well as a ministerial team from the Education Council.
The seminar had forecast the future of education, employment, future trends of economic sectors in the coming period, besides identifying the needs of various education sectors until 2020. — ONA