MoCI affirms availability of fuel during the lockdown period

Muscat: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) has affirmed that the fuel is available at all the 652 fuel stations across the Sultanate. MoCI confirmed its preparedness during the period of governorates lockdown, as per the decision issued by the Supreme Committee for tackling the developments of the Covid-19 pandemic, through coordination and communication with the fuel marketing companies operating in the Sultanate. This comes as part of the efforts being exerted by MoCI to meet fuel demand in all the wilayats during the lockdown period.

MoCI said that it has coordinated with the oil products marketing companies namely Shell Oman Marketing which runs 199 filling stations, Oman Oil Marketing which runs 226 filling stations and Al Maha Petroleum Products Marketing which runs 227 filling stations, regarding the availability of fuel at the stations and the fuel trucks that need to travel across the governorates during the lockdown. MoCI asked the fuel marketing companies to inform them about the petrol stations that will be working night shifts and has coordinated with the Royal Oman Police to take necessary measures.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry confirmed that the current situation should be dealt with carefully as per the instructions of the Supreme Committee entrusted with handling the developments resulting from the spread of the Covid-19 by taking every necessary precaution, confirming that fuel is available during this period. The ministry has one petrol station in each wilayat has been granted a permit to operate overnight in coordination with the companies.

Meanwhile, OQ said that its operations will continue as normal during the lockdown period affirming that there is sufficient stock of fuel products at the storage facilities to meet the demand in all governorates of the Sultanate. OQ explained that there is continued coordination with the fuel marketing companies to ensure the supply of fuel to all the fuel stations in the Sultanate.

The fuel marketing firms have affirmed their response to the instructions by providing sufficient quantities of fuel products throughout the lockdown period. Shell Oman Marketing said it has activated a work continuity plan to ensure delivery of the required fuel quantities to its service stations across the Sultanate taking into consideration the new decisions of the Supreme Committee and the emerging conditions.

Oman Oil Marketing said that it has laid down a supply and distribution plan suitable for the current lockdown condition following coordination with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the relevant authorities. The aim of the plan is to ensure the availability of fuel all the time while keeping a number of the petrol stations open 24 hours as instructed by the ministry. There is continued coordination with the authorities concerned to facilitate the movement of trucks, the company said.

Al Maha Petroleum Products Marketing confirmed that the petrol stations are technically prepared to operate without breakdowns and that there are sufficient number of fuel trucks to meet the demand for fuel during the lockdown period.

The company said that it has issued transit permits for fuel trucks in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to ensure availability of fuel in all the governorates. — OAN

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