No construction work at night: Municipality

MUSCAT, Jan 13 – No construction activity will be allowed at night, Muscat Municipality has warned. The decision, a part of years-old municipal law banning construction activity from dusk to dawn, has come as a relief to hundreds of residents facing nightmare due to both noise and air pollution.
Welcoming the municipality move, a resident of Ruwi said, “Those indescribable nights are over, we can sleep peacefully at night.” “Strict enforcement of the ban will put a halt to construction and demolition,” he said.
According to the municipality, contractors who violate the law will be fined and their work permits will be cancelled.
“The decision follows complaints from residents that construction and demolition activities at nights were causing a nuisance for citizens and residents,” said an official at the municipality.
Inspections by the civic officials have found many contractors were carrying out construction activities at night without permission from the municipality, he said. “This is a clear violation of construction regulations,” he said.
Article 104 of Municipal Law 1992 states, contractors are not allowed to engage in construction activity between sunset and sunrise unless prior permission is obtained from the municipality. Article 105 says any person who demolishes, builds or lays foundation for any building shall take all necessary measures to secure the safety of neighbours their property, protect workers, passersby, roads and whatever is under or above the ground, including equipment and public service facilities.
They shall adhere to the law on Conservation of National Heritage issued under Royal Decree No. 6/80, says the law.
“Noise-related work taking place outside these hours will be permitted only if a contractor can prove it is really necessary,” said the official.
The official said the municipality can set limits on the amount of noise or vibration a construction site can generate. “Activities will be strictly monitored to ensure these are not exceeded,” he added.