No bachelors near family apartments

The Articles 30 and 31 of the local order 23/92 has clearly laid out the guidelines on the use of residential properties in the capital.
It says the industrial areas, involving warehouses and workers’ camps, will be not permitted to build residential units for family accommodation.
Owners of industrial plots over-looking a main street shall use the front part of the plot for a commercial purpose, provided that prior approval is obtained from the concerned authority.
As per the Article 31, workers accommodation is permitted within reasonable limits, in various types of industrial areas according to the type of industry or workshop built on the same plot. Bachelor’s accommodation for staff or technicians may be permitted in plots with large areas, originally all located as workers’ camp.
Showrooms (to exhibit industrial products and spare parts only) shall be permitted in areas allotted for light industry provided that the area of showrooms is not more than 30 per cent of the approved percentage of building.
It is allowed to construct offices only in the first floor in the industrial areas and stores areas provided the public utilities for the same should be in one place.
Complexes or buildings for workers or bachelors’ accommodation are not permitted in residential or residential commercial areas.
Also buildings that consist of family as well as bachelors accommodation shall not be permitted.
Buildings for industrial activities (heavy or light industries) shall not be permitted in residential, commercial or residential areas.