Nizwa teacher’s song strikes chord with hundreds of young Omanis

Debut single Desire Burning by Tammy Eyole Monono draws a wider audience by the day

A song, a tune, a musical offering with its genesis in Rustaq could be just the sound to put Oman on the global music stage. The driving persistent beat, the infectious melody and the simplicity of Desire Burning have seen this debut single by Treymo, otherwise known as Cameroon born German citizen, European educated, Nizwa-based University lecturer Tammy Eyole Monono becomes the guy everyone wants to know! Released on Instagram, You Tube and Spotify, the single has struck a chord with hundreds of young Omanis, and is drawing a wider audience by the day.
Monono has his fingers crossed for local radio airtime, and though a somewhat reluctant ‘pop star,’ he concedes that the passion he has for his music and the inspiration he takes from a brother who passed away means that he will take this as far as he can.
A self-taught guitarist, a poet and a multi-linguist fluent in German, Spanish, French, Italian and English, and currently studying Arabic and Swahili, Monono never intended his music for an audience, and refers to his current situation as a “slow awakening, and through my early teens I did nothing with it, I just wrote poems and songs for me, for fun, though maybe I was just lacking the courage to put myself out there?”
“We listened to billboard, my dad loved classical music, and our home was always musical in that there was a lot of singing going on. Some good, some ummmm, not so, but we had fun!” he laughed. “Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Wycliffe Jean and of course Michael Jackson have inspired me musically, and with Desire Burning, I’ve pretty much found my spiced up pop/rap niche I think. There’s something there for everyone.”
A fitness addict, a chess enthusiast, and a dedicated teacher and lecturer, he’s not your typical artiste, but with his health inspired lifestyle and immaculate grooming, he certainly looks the part. Watch the charts, and maybe watch this space, Treymo has a message for today, and lots more tunes where that came from.