Nizwa College gets nod for 19 scientific researches

NIZWA, NOV 17 – Nizwa College of Technology has obtained the approval of The Research Council to fund 19 scientific researches to the tune of RO 71,456. Dr Ahmed bin Ali al Shehri, Dean of the College, confirmed that the funding will finance nine researches for academics (RO 49,620), one postgraduate research (RO 3,000), and nine researches to support students (RO 9,140). RO 9,696 will be to support the conduct of approved research. The dean of the college pointed out that the college receives this support as a result of the directive of the Ministry of Manpower represented by the Directorate-General of Technical Education to encourage employees of technical colleges as well as students to conduct scientific research.

“In the upcoming period, the college will develop its research tools and raise awareness on the importance of scientific research among students and staff. A committee has been formed related to scientific research and consultations.” Dr Khalifa bin Zayed al Shaqsi, Chairman of the Research and Consultation Committee at the College, said: “The Technical College in Nizwa has long-term relations with The Research Council which are constantly evolving.

“We believe in the importance of increasing students’ awareness of scientific research, which is one of the important pillars which all countries depend on for the advancement of their societies and peoples. It is also a major contributor in knowledge-based economy.” On the role of the Committee in this regard, Dr Khalifa al Shaqsi explained that the college will organise many workshops and meetings with the private sector to present ideas and exchange experiences and obtain funding for research projects.