NFC best maritime transport company

Marrakesh: National Ferries Company (NFC), the national carrier, has been awarded the Arab best company for the year 2017 in the maritime transport sector, during the ‘Arab Best’ Awards held in its second edition in Marrakesh, Kingdom of Morocco. The award is a culmination of its efforts to promote and develop the maritime transport sector in the Sultanate. The Organizing Committee of the Award stated that NFC won the first place of the award after a vote and selection from the Committee of Experts in the Secretariat of the Award “ Arab Best “ based on several criteria and data to compare the companies nominated for the awards this year.
NFC won the award as a result of the clarity of its vision and objectives, both in short and long terms, and the diversity and excellence of its services whether to transport passengers or cargo shipment of vehicles and goods, and to comply with the highest safety and security requirements approved by the International Maritime Organization. The Organizing Committee pointed out that Mahdi bin Mohammed al Abdowani, CEO of NFC was selected as one of the best 100 CEOs in the Arab World as a result of his roles in the maritime transport sector and his successful management of the company over the past years. — ONA