News is just a fact unless it is someone you know

A colleague got promoted and it was time to celebrate and in came the food with the best of rice. As I admired the aroma and the flavour of the rice a friend explained it is Yemeni rice. Yes Mandi and added, “It is the tastiest.”
That is when it struck me when we were enjoying the rice; the children of Yemen are suppressing their hunger with leaves! Some children in Yemen may never taste the recipes of their culture because many of the young ones have already succumbed to hunger and malnutrition. It only made it worse to realise the day was also the World Children’s Day.
In came the seasonal flu and while we complained about the body pain and misery in came the news of PACDA rescuing someone from fire caused by a gas cylinder. Only to find out it was a close friend. The news awakened the senses to what my friend must be going through. This bit of news suddenly became personal.
Rushing to her side still finding it hard to believe, saw her husband patiently standing outside the burns unit at the hospital for news of hope to inform their waiting children at home. His faith made him calm as he spoke of her with pride how she tried to clear the fire and added, “She wanted to protect the home
but you know in life sometimes we have to just leave the situation to protect ourselves.”
He admired the PACDA team who responded within 10 minutes to extinguish the fire and had arrived with ambulance as well.
He graciously waited with the
family members for the latest report from the doctor.
Fighting in there, in the ICU, is a former journalist who studied to become a nurse, but fate took a turn where she actually took the world of health and nutrition to readers. Throughout the years she has followed the radio shows and provided feedback, had questions for the guests of the radio programmes. Her branding is the person who beams with confidence and positivity with a smile on her face.
She has worked hard and has great discipline, but she also takes time to enjoy life because she believes in a well balanced life. She believes in living the moment and that is exactly what she has been doing since the early retirement to do everything which we push aside keeping it for the time when we would have time for ourselves.
And she has been doing just that — walking to the park in the mornings to exercise and meditate and have breakfast with birds chirping away and surrounded by nature. She has a way to make you laugh at problems.
She loves volunteering and cooking and she has been doing exactly that on this particular day too. But today cannot help but wish the friend had not taken the early retirement and instead was working away at the office so there wasn’t the chance to cook outdoors.
She campaigned hard through her reports for seat belts and better school buses. She has been a champion for availability of nutritional food at schools. She has walked every walk with her children for Oman Cancer Association’s walkathons and has ensured her children are instilled with the values of volunteerism at an early age.
So the urge is to say, “Wake up,” but the intellect wants to say, “Take your time to heal and rejuvenate steadily for there is so much for you to do in this wonderful world.”
Unforeseen incidents happen to the best of people and we hope for the best as there is nothing faith and prayers cannot heal. Most importantly they say you are in hands that care.
So heal and rise for the family and loved ones. There is so much to do in addition to accomplishing all your dream projects. It is the time to use the inner strength as never before.