New guidelines announced to regulate organ transplant in Oman

Muscat: The Minister of Health (MOH) has issued a decision No 179/2018 that regulates the transfer and transplantation of human organs and tissues. Some of of the key highlights are:

  1. Organ and human tissue transplantation is banned if it leads to race mixing. Fines include RO10, 000.
  2. No organ transplantation in return for compensation both monetary and in kind
  3. Not to take advantage of a person’s need or ignorance to get his approval.
  4. Identity of both parties (donor and the recipient) should not be revealed to each other unless there is a mutual agreement. Otherwise an administrative fine of RO3,000 will be imposed.
  5. Organ or human tissue transplantation should not be conducted unless it is the only available option.
  6. Advertisements promoting the sale and purchase of organs and human tissues are strictly banned. Violations will lead to RO6,000.



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