New road devices on trial to check speed

887641By Fahad Al Ghadani — MUSCAT: Jan. 2: The Royal Oman Police (ROP) is currently testing a speed camera that not only tracks the speed of a vehicle but also the time taken by it to move from one camera to another. “If the vehicle speed doesn’t conform to the average speed in the area, then it will be treated as a violation,” said an official source. ROP is testing several traffic devices in an attempt to reduce road fatalities on the road in the Sultanate, the source said. “They (traffic devices) are on trial to check their accuracy and benefits.”
The main use of the device on trial is speed check. “Such devices will ensure motorists adhere to traffic laws and regulations,” said the source.
The device can check the “safe distance” between vehicles and fines will be imposed on those who do not maintain such distance, he said.
“Such devices are the best way to control speed, especially in Muscat. Motorists reduce speed only near the speed camera and step on the accelerator once they cross it,” said Hussein al Rahbi, a motorist based in Muscat.
He said many accidents occur when vehicles change speeds near speed cameras. “There is no use speeding after crossing the speed camera as the average speed of the vehicle will be taken into account for penalising the driver,” said Al Rahbi.
Photographs of new cameras installed on different roads have gone viral.
Some felt it was a speed camera which would capture violations such as not wearing a seat belt or using mobile phone when driving.
Another device on trial keeps tabs on vehicles with ‘wanted’ number plates. “The device can alert the police when a ‘wanted vehicle’ crosses it; it will help trace the vehicle’s location,” said the source.
He said the device will help the authorities trace stolen vehicles easily.
“Any device has to go through trials and tests before it is put into use. ROP aims to control traffic better and save lives by raising public awareness and updating the speed control and other devices,” said the source.