914699OOC chairman calls to standardise Sultanate’s sports system, produce more champions –

Excerpts from the speech of Oman Olympic Committee chairman Khalid bin Mohammed al Zubair
As we are exploring a new tenure of the board of directors of Oman Olympic Committee (OOC), it fills me with great pleasure to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation to the members of the OOC’s General Assembly for the valuable trust and mandate that they have vested on the OOC’s Board by recommending election of the Board candidates.
This trend features a wider space of understanding and culture of partnership that is being experienced within the Omani sports scene. There is apparently a firm belief that all have taken part in one form or another in the process of development that OOC is now undergoing. The Communication and Interaction Policy that the former board pursued whether through its supporting committees or through consultation with and involvement of all contributors in the functional system of sport had created an approach where all, both individuals and organisations, feel that they are partners in action and that they do not need to just race for candidacy.
Under such circumstances, the new OOC’s Board realises the value of responsibility bestowed upon it by the General Assembly towards conceptualising the objective of developing an efficient operational sports system.
The trend is now about strengthening the trust accorded to us by the General Assembly.
Dear members of the General Assembly and guests,
Our previous experience in the management of OOC’s affairs has made our mission statement more ambitious and clearer. Hence, as a new Board entrusted with the task of leading the upcoming stage, we must say with more clarity and transparency that our objective is not only to continue for another term. Rather, that desire stemmed from our conviction that our continuation for further term of office must go in line with our ability to achieve consistence and accord with all the concerned parties on a specific vision, our aim being to build an effective national plan for promotion and development of sports.
We are absolutely certain that we do possess the managerial competences, technical talents and interested organisations to achieve the desirable fundamental goals in the area of our activity. However, much remains to be done and such aspirations cannot be attained unless we work together in an organised and concerted fashion in consistence with a solid system that is capable of accomodating all the parties concerned with the cause of sport in our country, including employees of Oman Olympic Committee, Ministry of Sports Affairs, sports associations and committees and school sports association.
We should also take advantage of the experiences of retired individuals. It is through this setting that we can effectively develop sports and Olympic movement in Oman. With this in mind, our immediate and pressing requirement is to put in place an effective national plan with the participation of all parties concerned with propagation, development and growth of sport. For this specific reason, we must have to work jointly in an integrated manner with a view to building and making champions in various Olympic sports.
Persuaded that there are diverse challenges to what we would like to achieve, we are trustful that all of you, the new Board, each and every member of the General Assembly and all related sectors are capable of mitigating and positively reversing the impact of such challenges. The eventual result of this endeavour must be to standardise Oman’s sports system, identify priorities, consolidate the values of partnership and cooperation and consolidate the spirit of team-work with everyone playing their role as required in this essential process.

914701Khalid al Zubair re-elected as OOC chairman

Haridev Pushparaj
Muscat, Jan 31
Oman Olympic Committee (OOC) re-elected Shaikh Khalid bin Mohammad al Zubair as chairman for a four-year term after the conclusion of its General Assembly and board elections at the City Seasons Hotel on Tuesday.
Shaikh Saif bin Hilal al Hosni will be the vice-chairman, Taha bin Sulaiman al Kishry will be the secretary general and Khalid bin Ali al Aadi will be the treasurer.
The board members will be Oman Basketball Association chairman Fareed bin Khamis al Zadjali, Oman Football Association first vice-chairman Mohsin bin Hamad al Masroori, Oman Volleyball Association chairman Sheikh Badr bin Ali al Rawas and Saada bint Salim al Ismailiyah, who will be representative of Oman Women’s Sport Committee.
International Olympic Committee (IOC) had nominated Hussain al Musallam, Director-General of Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) to attend the event.
Oman Football Association (OFA) chairman Shaikh Salim al Wahaibi, who was present at the General Assembly, wished the new OOC board the very best.
“It was fast and smooth (the assembly and election). I would like to wish the new board all the best,’’ he said.
Shaikh Salim said Oman sport will go forward irrespective of the challenges it may face.
“There might be obstacles sometimes but we are working hard along with the ministry and other stakeholders. We will work on a strategy and move forward,’’ the Oman Football Association chairman added.