New facilities at Mawalih Central Market

Muscat: As part of its renovation, more facilities have been added at the Central Fruits and Vegetable Market at Al Mawalih by the Muscat Municipality.

The renovation is part of the municipality’ efforts to develop the country’s premier market to one of the best in the region and satisfy the needs of the market’s supply, sales, distribution and import of fruits and vegetables.

In a statement on Wednesday, the municipality said that the integrated market has several facilities to make trading a hassle-free affair.

“A new entrance, additional parking space, internal roads, cooling system in customs inspection area, a yard for loading goods for (wholesalers), creating special corridors for forklifts, drainage system to solve rain water problems and 42 new toilets are some of the new facilities at the market”, the municipality said in a statement.

The Central Market Department at the municipality urged companies and traders do direct business with the countries of origin while importing goods.

“While ensuring enough supply of the fruits and vegetables, prices should also be acceptable and affordable”, it said.

The municipality has also facilitated establishment of other commercial services like a bank, food stores, as well as a number of cafes and restaurants to complement the market activity.