New batch of Omanis for Saud Bahwan Automotive Parts commences training

MUSCAT: Saud Bahwan Group continuously practices Omanisation, with the personal involvement and guidance of its Chairman, Mohammed Saud Bahwan. The Group’s endeavours are focused on making a meaningful contribution to this vital national priority.
Recently Saud Bahwan Automotive announced plans to induct national trainees into the winning team. According to the group spokesperson, “The National trainees are currently undergoing an 18 months course that began in August 2018 and will be completed on February 2020. The entry qualification prescribed for this course is 12 standard. The course curriculum has been approved by Pearsons UK.”
Following the successful completion of the training, these trainees will be absorbed as Parts Sales Consultants and will be suitably deployed in various Toyota Parts locations across the Sultanate.
Further clarifying, the spokesperson adds, “The course is designed with a mix of academic and practical components.
While the academic component (class room training) is delivered at the National College of Automotive Technology (NCAT) premises, the practical ‘on-the-job’ training is imparted at Toyota Parts sales counters.”
Parts Distribution and Sales form a critical element of Saud Bahwan Automotive’s customer satisfaction endeavours. Having invested extensively in establishing a nationwide network, the Group’s parts facilities today dot the Sultanate. The vast, nationwide network is managed by state-of-the-art equipment and trained professionals. At the core of these operations is Saud Bahwan Group’s ultra-modern Parts Distribution Centre (PDC) and a highly skilled and trained team of staff.
Equipped with latest tools and equipment, the Parts Distribution Centre is spread over 60,000 sq metres and operates in accordance with advanced Toyota specifications & processes. The Group’s Parts operations have been rated highly and consistently honoured with the highest awards.
Saud Bahwan Automotive continuously practices Omanisation, a vital national priority. The Group endeavours to make available essential training and gainful employment to Omani nationals. To help Omani employees build successful long-term careers, they are provided with adequate training, expert skills-development and continuous on-the-job exposure.
Through continuous training and skills development of Omani staff members, Saud Bahwan Group goes beyond mere numbers and creates rewarding careers for Omani nationals. The Group’s high standards ultimately benefit its customers. No wonder then that, over the years, a plethora of awards — locally, regionally and from across the globe — have been bestowed upon the Group.