New airport leads Oman’s facelift

Oman today is not anymore the old country, but it has placed itself among the highly spoken about countries around the world. It’s known as a worldwide unique tourist and investment destination and a land of peace. Oman has shaken off the dust of isolation of olden days and embraced modernisation in every walk of life. It has started changing since the beginning of the Omani Blessed Renaissance led by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos.
Every single day Oman witnesses a change towards developing the new country and improving living standards of its people. It opened its doors and windows to the light of a brighter future.
The country interacted with the world’s ongoing changes and got the best of it to stand as a developed country it has become. For that reason, each corner of the country has witnessed a remarkable change, promoting and lifting up the lifestyle of Omanis.
As the needs of a modern country and its people are increasing, Oman is gradually, but distinctively, developing in all spheres. All essential infrastructure facilities and services have been brought to the easy access and benefit of citizens and residents of Oman. Tourists and travellers are getting the advantage of all changes taking place in the country. Everybody is commending the way Oman is portraying its image.
Stressing on citizens’ right to observe the changes being implemented in the country, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos stated: “Citizens have a right to know what efforts the government is making to improve their living standards, develop the economy, develop national resources and provide care and welfare services for the community, guarantee its security and stability and uphold its values, heritage and achievements. People have a right to know that every day there are changes and new developments in the international arena which compel the government to reconsider its approach, its plans, its priorities and its programmes so that it can avoid any negative fallout from those changes. Consequently, it is essential that the citizen understand the circumstances of each phase and accept them in a positive spirit.”
Whatever has been achieved over the past decades of the Blessed Renaissance is outstanding, touching every single aspect of our life. Our ancestors have sacrificed their life, time and efforts to bring us the prosperous life and bright future we all enjoy today. May Allah bless them all. Definitely, it’s impossible to count and name all the achievements that have been made over the past years.
Among the noteworthy achievements made in the country and its new generations to come is the newly-built Muscat International Airport. Undoubtedly, it is really a sense of pride indeed for Oman and its people of course. The new airport had been a dream to all of us, but today it’s a reality and it will be opened very soon.
As recently stated in the newspapers, the much-awaited airport will be opened and operational in March this year. Certainly, it will be a great milestone to be celebrated this year. What is really thrilling is that the new airport is expected to receive over 12 million passengers a year once fully completed.
In fact, the new Muscat International Airport will be an honourable gateway to the country which certainly reflects its admirable facelift as a worldwide tourist destination. After years of hard work and struggle, the dream of having a modern with international standards airport is becoming a reality. It’s a great achievement that we should all commend and be proud of. Thanks to the concerned authorities of the government for their dedication and efforts to bring Oman to the standing it has obtained today on the international front.

Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami