Need to update medical degrees stressed

MUSCAT, NOV 12 – Dr Hilal bin Ali al Sabti, Chief Executive of the Oman Medical Specialties Board (OMSB), has said that updating the list of evaluation and equivalence of medical certificates contributes to leveraging the efficiency of medical workers in the Sultanate by encouraging the recruitment or dispatch of cadres to the developed countries. Over the past nine months, a total of 2,957 applications have been authenticated out of nearly 6,000 medical certificates.
Al Sabti, who is also the Head of the Committee for Evaluation and Equivalence of Medical Certificates, in a statement to Oman Arabic daily said: “In the middle of this year, the Board issued a list of the updated evaluation and equivalence of medical certificates based on a decision issued by the minister of health who is also the Chairman of the Board of Trustees adopting a level-based system.
The evaluation and equivalence of medical certificates, which is the first of its kind in the Sultanate, determines the level of medical certificates obtained from outside the Sultanate. The level system was formulated based on the criteria and standards of evaluation stipulated by the regulations.
Regarding the modifications in the list, Al Sabti pointed out that the updated list seeks to keep pace with the developments and changes in the health field in order to improve the efficiency of health workers in the Sultanate.