Need for more laws to curb fake certificates

Muscat: The Ministry of Higher Education says more penal measures are required to be taken to deal with the rising number of cases relating to fake educational certificates in the country.

According to the ministry, development of more legislations is the best to way to deal with the situation.

“Such steps have always found results and the ministry favours expansion of the present laws so that the cases are dealt with by the ministry itself”, the ministry says in its twitter handle.

Currently, cases of fake certificates when detected are referred to the department public prosecution, which decides on the action to be taken against the accused.

This normally takes its own course of time for the pronouncement of the verdict.

According to the ministry, transfer of cases relating to fake certificates to the prosecution does not mean that the problem is eliminated fully.

“More efforts need to be taken. The ministry is keeping a close watch on the reports making rounds in the social media”, say the tweets.

The Equivalency of the Qualifications and Recognition Department has been working in accordance with the terms of reference assigned to it regarding verification of certificates.

After the introduction of the electronic system, a large number of certificates are being referred to the department by different recruitment agencies.

“This shows that the process of verification is moving in the right direction”, add the tweets.