Nature and human relationships

Lucia Oliva is an international eclectic contemporary artist from Italy resident in the Sultanate.

During the first lockdown in April, she created her latest work and named it ‘In front of the open window’.

The sculptural work expresses a new style and step of her art experience. This she carried out while creating the recent portrait of late Sultan Qaboos and worked on the two artworks simultaneously.

According to her ‘In front of the open window’ was definitely easier and faster which she completed in different steps in around a week.

A self-taught artist her work communicates through an intuitive and universal language, rich in scenic effects, meant to have both an emotional and a conceptual impact on the observer.

The message she prefers to deliver is how the deep beauty of life is in close contact with nature and the fundamental value of human relationships lived meeting others.

Lucia reveals that the nostalgia for all the lost moments of real meetings with people.

She says that her recent artwork is “something that, when things will reach again a normality that everybody wishes for, should make us appreciate more and more the huge value each one of us represents for others. “And moreover, this lockdown period should help us understand the richness of nature, which is a gift of God and the house for all of us, what we need to start re-discovering and respecting, in every day’s life and actions. When we overcome this situation I hope we will have learned to live with greater intensity and increased wisdom,” explains Lucia.

These are some of the thoughts she wanted to express with this peculiar artwork.

She further says that a projection of one’s wishes and the regret for all what this emergency period is strongly limited.

“I desired to symbolise an artist’s vision from the window, through a flying abstract sculptural-painting that looks to be chasing the hope. It is our mission, as artists, to be like torch-bearers of hope and beauty.”

She created her artworks rich in astonishing 3D scenic effects: playing with mirrors, her unique concept offers original scenic set-ups that are a combination of sculpture, painting and installation.

Lucia’s acclaimed art is a development of her long international career as choreographer, dancer and event organiser.

The artist’s great love for nature is witnessed by her choice to live in Qantab in the tiny and picturesque village under Muscat Governorate and in Italy in the fascinating remote wildlife island of Alicudi (Unesco heritage), where nature and human relationships are her main source of inspiration.

Well-known in the Arabian Gulf and collected by many local VIPs, she tells us what are the values her life is based on and that sustained her activity during this critical period: a strong faith in God, that animates her inclination to always live every moment and situation with optimism and in a positive way.

Her artworks are owned by VVIP collectors in Europe as well as in UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, India and other countries.

With ‘In Front of the Open Window’, Lucia has launched a new concept of sculptural canvases, that offer the viewer bas-reliefs rich in movement.

The artwork was on show at Matti Sirvio Art Galleria, Jawarat Complex, Shatti Al Qurum until the end of July.