Nationals to train in palm fronds handicrafts

MUSCAT, May 7 – Around 18 nationals (both men and women) are being trained in the field of palm fronds handicrafts at a training and production centre in the Wilayat of Mahdha in Al Buraimi Governorate by Public Authority for Craft Industries (Paci). The implementation of the programme is in line with the authority’s keenness to develop handicraft sector, and provide the sector with young talent, in addition to preserving handicraft industry, while striving to develop products according to Omani standards.
The training programme supervised by the Department of Craft Industries in Buraimi to attract young Omanis to learn the skills. This will help in developing the crafts locally and train artisans to deal with the equipment and machinery used in the profession, while preserving national identity.
The programme contributes in passing on the traditions to the younger generations by emphasising the importance of establishing the culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and professional development.
The programme also enhances the opportunities to establish productive projects which will help in increasing the contribution of the sector to the GDP. The programme also seeks to integrate other crafts by allowing trainees to use other materials with fronds such as textiles, silver and pottery.
Paci has built an integrated handicrafts centre in Mahdha for the purpose. The centre is a multi-use facility which provides rehabilitation and productivity services with high efficiency. It gives access to trainees to use devices and advanced equipment according to safety standards.
The two-year programme includes a number of lectures, theoretical and practical applications which qualify the craftsmen with skills required for the profession.