National Gas offers effective energy solution to factories

National Gas, a 100 per cent Muscat-based Omani company, is offering energy solutions to companies and factories operating in different industrial estates and free zones of the Sultanate. Following a recent engagement with Salalah-based industries, the company executives held a meeting with the companies based in Rusyal Industrial Estate on Monday and suggested ways to mitigate the energy demand-supply gap with their Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) solution.
The company executives comprising Paresh Bhavsar Business Development Managee; Avishkar Gandhi, Senior Project Sales Engineer; and Nishanth Raj Application Engineer; gave a detailed presentation to the industry representatives outlining the salient features and sustainability factor of the SNG solution.
The meeting, according to Paresh Bhavsar, was held with the support of Mohsin Zahran al Hinai, Director- General Rusyal Industrial Area in the presence of businessmen, technical experts and representatives from different industries including steel, aluminium, food, chemical from Muscat and Duqm.
The SNG, according to Bhavsar, is a mixture of Liquefied Natural Gas (LPG) and diluents. Diluents could be air, biogas, landfill gas and nitrogen. Air is the common diluents used.
“LPG-Air mixture in the ratio is in the range of 48 to 52. The method for determining the mixture is in order to match the Wobbe index of natural gas. It becomes a seamless transition from natural gas to SNG,” said Bhavsar.
The advantage of SNG lies in its emergence as a robust technology with easy customisation depending on customer requirement. The solution is ideal for any type of industry having a shortage of natural gas, using diesel or electricity in their production processes. Due to the fuel price difference industries are saving more in SNG when compared to diesel and electricity. With over three decades of experience and pioneering LPG in Oman, the National Gas claims to promote SNG to mitigate the energy challenges faced by the industries in Oman. Apart from Oman, the company has installed SNG in UAE and Saudi Arabia. “All of them are functioning well,” said Bhavsar.
During their meeting in Salalah the National Gas representatives had reiterated over the fact that industries could meet the energy supply challenge by relying on available alternatives.
SNG’s safety aspects, according to National Gas representatives, are quite reliable and as safe as and productive as natural gas. Moreover, the technology is time tested and a fully viable energy solution for the industries.
“The energy solution is effective in every situation where large scale developments are going on, as demand for natural gas is high and it is short in supply,” said Bhavsar and added that the company was getting very good response industries in Oman.

Kaushalendra Singh