Nama Group launches Automated Meter Reading

Nama Group (formerly The Electricity Holding Co) has announced the launch of Automated Meter Reading (AMR) through its subsidiary electricity distribution companies. The initiative — part of a strategy to introduce smart metering technologies in the Sultanate — stems from a decision of the Authority of Electricity Regulation (AER) to make AMR a reality in Oman.
The implementation of smart (AMR) metering will be for high value customers who consume more than 150 MWh of electricity per year. The AMR project will create a higher level of interconnectivity, engagement and sustainability with a goal of enhancing the quality and speed of processing metering data.
Furthermore, it will work towards improving the billing process, mitigating losses, lessening query related costs and reducing debtor days. In addition, the introduction of AMR will enable the implementation of the Cost reflected Tariffs introduced by AER to reduce the electricity subsidy in Oman, and promote better consumption behaviours. Moreover, the consumers will gain many benefits as they will be able to closely monitor the electricity consumption frequently per day which will allow them to understand their consumption profile and then to manage and optimise it effectively.
Mansoor al Hinai, VP Distribution & Supply, said: “Nama Group is working at a steady pace to provide high-quality customer services within the Group’s customer service programme. This project is an example of utilising the technology which will enhance the quality and speed of meter reading. Furthermore, the customers will be clearer about their consumption behaviour which will help them to optimise and manage it effectively especially during peak-loads.
In addition, AMR implementation will support the direction of the government towards optimising national resources and it will benefit our stakeholders throughout the Sultanate.”
Nama Group is jointly working with a consortium of international companies to ensure the successful delivery of the project such as CESI, a world-leading technical consulting and engineering company, WIPRO, is a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company, Macro Soft Systems, top-class IT services Ooreedoo, world-class telecom company.
The Group is implementing a number of customer service projects that are actively contributing to provide safe and sustainable electricity.
Nama Group consists of the following ten companies operating in the electricity generation, procurement, transmission, supply and distribution: Nama Holding, Majan Electricity Company, Mazoon Electricity Company, Muscat Electricity Distribution Company, Oman Electricity Transmission Company, Oman Power & Water Procurement Company, Rural Areas Electricity Company, Wadi Jizzi Power Company, Al Ghubrah Power and Desalination Company and Dhofar Power Company.