Muscat University to launch master’s programmes for 2017-18 academic year

902510By Staff Reporter — MUSCAT: Jan. 18 – Muscat University (MU) hosted an academic delegation from Cranfield university in the UK in its campus at Children Public Library, Al Qurum. MU’s Senior Executive Team held a meeting with the Cranfield delegation to discuss issues related to the academic partnership between the two universities and the academic plans of the next academic year. In addition, MU organised an open day for prospective students to find out more about Masters programmes that MU will offer in partnership with Cranfield University in 2017/2018.
The meeting resulted in in-depth discussion about various strategies for offering the MSc programmes next academic year. Further, MU’s Senior Executive Team updated the visiting delegation on the progress towards launching the MSc programmes next academic year. The two parties discussed also the proposed students admission process and programme duration for both full time and part time students.
The delegation visited the new under-construction building of MU in Al Ghubra and reviewed the preparations and plans to equip the building with highly modern educational equipment to effectively support teaching and learning process and to enhance the online technical link between the two universities to present some joint lectures to Muscat universities’ and Cranfield University’s students via audio-video technologies.
902509A large number of prospective students attended the Open day, as well as many businessmen and representatives of government and private institutions to find out more about the partnership between MU and Cranfield University. They also discussed the added value that MSc programmes offered by Cranfield University and MU will bring to the sector of higher education in Oman as well as in the wider region.
Muscat university will offer six MSc programmes during 2017/2018 in Finance and Management, Management and Entrepreneurship, Air Transport Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Energy Systems and Thermal Processes & Process Systems Engineering .
The academic year 2017/2018 will start in the new building in Al-Ghubra next to the Porsche showroom. Students who would like to join Muscat university could apply through Muscat University’s website: