Musannah school showcases ecology research projects in US

Musannah, August 9 – Um Kalthoum Bin Aqaba School in the Wilayat of Musannah took part in the Globe Program and 21st Annual Meeting in the US recently. The school has been participating in the event for the last four years. Its research was one of the 140 international researches that was commended.
It has also contributed with a number of researches with a focus on Oman’s environment in the last three years. According to Ameera al Balushi, supervisor of the Globe Program in the school, Adhari al Balushi, a student, had contributed to the laudable research, titled, ‘The impact of Mesquite trees on the plants of the Sultanate’.
The programme included activities such as ‘Students’ Exhibition’ that showcased researches, where specialists in science and environment listened to a presentation from students, including Adhari al Balushi.
Training programmes were conducted on protocols for international coordinators, teachers and students.
Students also visited the Outlander Island and implemented a number of “programme protocols”. On their return, they presented the results in front of international specialists and teachers. They visited scientific laboratories in top US universities, including Yale University, besides the Natural History Museum, which displays a real dinosaur structure.
Ameera al Balushi thanked the Ministry of Education for motivating students and providing them with skills and knowledge by engaging them in beneficial programmes that build their personalities.
“I extend my thanks to Daleel Petroleum Company for its continued support to the Globe Program besides attending the annual meet.”
Al Balushi also thanked Nadheera al Harthi, the international coordinator for the programme in the Sultanate, for her “non-stop support and encouragement to members of central team in the ministry”.

Badriya Mohammed al Balushi