Musandam: Picturesque, peaceful and private

The British Financial Times newspaper hailed the picturesque nature of the Governorate of Musandam, which makes it one of the main destinations for visitors from inside and outside the Sultanate. The newspaper said in a report that the Governorate of Musandam is dotted with stunning fjords and islands with sparkling turquoise waters. Its small fish jump to hit the ground and wander back and forth around sailing dhows, which allows visitors to enjoy the flowing winter sun.

The British newspaper also highlighted unique characteristics of Musandam represented in tourist resorts, where the panoramic view of the Sea of Oman and luxury villas that suit different tastes.
The tourist facilities were designed to look like traditional Omani homes and all of which has its own privacy that contains all the needs that the tourist needs, just a minute’s walk from the sea.
The newspaper also talked about Lima village that is separated from the Wilayat of Daba in the Governorate of Musandam by rugged mountain peaks.
The Financial Times also indicated that Lima is a quiet community of simple white houses, suitable for cruises using dhows.