Munition factory a great addition to development

Oman is making significant strides and entering into new areas of industrial development to ensure that its benefits reaches all and meets requirements of many areas of life. The recent opening of Oman Munition Production Company is the latest among these developments.
It is one of the major investments by pension funds from the military and security apparatuses and has huge importance as it strengthens defence industry in the country.
This munition factory is expected to emerge as the nucleus of other such industries which are expected to contribute in meeting the requirements of the Sultan’s Armed Forces and other security agencies.
The foundation-stone for this first-of-its-kind munition factory was laid in 2015 under the directives of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, Supreme Commander of the Sultan’s Armed Forces.
This is helping in keeping pace with progress everywhere in the world matching with the modern day technological advancements in defence industries.
The Sultan’s Armed Forces are an integral part of these developments. It is pursuing the policy of bringing modern military technologies home and developing Omani industries based on it.
For that purpose, the expertise of global defence companies is being utilised as a strategic partner in manufacturing necessary equipment at this factory.
Around RO 60 million was invested in this light munition factory and is being considered as a step in the direction of establishing more such industries.
The success of this project is also a first such achievement for the Sultanate and marks a beginning of other such investments in future.
It also shows that the pension fund of the armed forces and security agencies have special interest in productive and services sectors which help in the economic development of the country.
This munition factory will play a major role in the development of defence industries and export of surplus products to neighbouring countries and other parts of the world.
It has also been established that the products at this factory are of high quality and matches Nato standards. It also enjoys the confidence of military and security agencies around the world and is expected to help in opening up of more avenues to market its products.
This confidence will help in further expansion.
Another brighter aspect of this investment is that the factory is playing a positive role in employing highly capable Omani cadre who are trained abroad and got required exposure.
The opening up of this munition factory is also expected to boost industrialisation in the country and can open doors for establishment of small and medium enterprises by providing work to Omani youth.
The investments in defence industries are in itself an important development. This will have multi-faceted benefits including enriching the national economy and beginning of advanced defence industries to meet the growing requirements of the military and security agencies in the country, and match with the developments in the world.
This will also open up more opportunities for investments by the private sector in partnership with international companies specialised in this field.
The public and private sector partnership in defence industries is highly successful experience in many countries around the world.