Movie on Oman to be made in 4 languages

As the Sultanate is hosting the World Tourism Summit with world’s leading think-tanks in the sector converging for common tourism related issues and for brainstorming sessions on exploring better tourism avenues, an independent movie will be made on Oman tourism aiming at bringing the immaculate leisure options close to the hearts of people speaking different languages and living across the continents.
To be made in at least four languages by ace Indian Director K Madhu, Oman and its stunning landscape will form a big part of the whole movie, while much light will be shed on the unique hospitality that the country has in offer.
“I have been immensely moved by the natural wonders of this country, be it the vast mountain range or the sight where pristine beaches and wildly deserts stand hand in hand with each other, Oman is matchless”, Madhu, who has several feathers to his hat told the Observer at a meeting held at the Johny International in Bausher.
He is the director of world’s one of its kind sequel of movies that spoke about a crime investigator in “Oru CBI Diarykkuripp” which is all set to come out with its fifth in the series, besides a number of movies in Indian languages.
“K Madhu’s first visit was in 1983 when the country was just tasting the fruits of blessed Renaissance and from then, his visits became so frequent that he could watch the journey of this country from what it was to where it is now. We are optimistic that he can contribute his Oman experiences to this film”, Anil, Coordinator of the film said.
“I have over a period of time, developed a close bond with this topography, the people and the culture and tradition in the last 35 years and Oman was the first choice for me when I thought about a film on tourism”, said Madhu.
Rashid al Shabib, Madhu’s local partner said the team will have at least three ministries to support for this unique cause that would reinstate Oman’s place in the world tourism map.
“We are in talks with Ministries of heritage, Tourism and Information for their support in this national cause and we are currently on a location visiting spree. We hope to start filming by early next year”, Rashid al Shabib said.
The film which is a fusion between a featuristic and documentary, narrative styles, will speak about the mass exodus that the continents witnessed in the 1960’s and 70’s and how they got in tune with the host country’s culture and ways of life. This film that will speak Arabic will also have major portion for the history of the country as said by elders from various governorates.

Kabeer Yousuf