Mother India Crochet Queens win 3 Guinness records

Mother India Crochet Queens (MICQ) created a history by winning three Guinness World Records in the field of crochet and 53 Indian women and kids from Oman were among the proud winners. There were 37 women and 16 boys and girls from the age of 6 years to 17 years. The hat trick event was held on January 21 in Chennai, India, for the largest display of crocheted sculptures.

MICQ broke the previous record by Britain of 13,348 sculptures which was set in 2014 with an unbeatable count of 58,917 sculptures. MICQ has previously won Guinness World record award for the worlds largest crocheted blanket in 2016 and worlds longest crocheted scarf in 2017.
There was an ocean of sculptures spread out in the hall of SRM University in Chennai. The MICQ decided to focus on making the world’s largest collection of crocheted 3D sculptures in the form of Amigurumis, which are small crocheted dolls and vehicles buildings, flowers, animals, birds, kitchenware, fruits and vegetables.
The theme of this record was ‘Go Green, Save Earth,’ The group’s regional heads allotted items to respective teams members with instructions on what was to be made, and how to make it was taught taking help from YouTube and other crochet books. The Tamil Nadu team members had bagged first in contributing their sculptures with Oman MICQ team winning the second position at 5,060 sculptures followed by Mumbai MICQ team at over 4,000 bagging the third position. The record was adjudicated by Swapnil Dangarikar of Guinness World Records, London, who checked the count twice to make sure every single sculpture was counted.
Over the last five months, 720 people from all over the world created 58,917 crochet sculptures to set a Guinness record. Out of this 532 were from India and 188 from overseas countries around the world. The members felt that it will be a great challenge, and an interesting one too as most of the members were new to Amigurumi form of crochet. Kiranpreet Kaur Sahni, Oman team Regional Head says that “In the begining we were all sceptical about how to make 3D sculptures and making Amigurumi was completely new to us and looked very tough. But once we started and got the hang of it, none could stop us. We kept on making more and more sculptures.” She added that seeing each others work they used to get more inspired and would try making more new sculptures.
The theme ‘Go Green, Save Earth’ was very well shown in all sculptures as every aspects of human life on the planet Earth was made. The creations were divided into two sections namely thematic and random. Pollution in the ocean, alternative energy sources, solar energy, science and technology, healthcare, education, and food were some of the topics covered. The work on the project began from August 2017 and all the sculptures were sent to Subasri Natrajan, MICQ founder, in Chennai. Every Sunday, members of Tamil Nadu team would come together and fix the sculptures sent to them on the display boards. All the members worldwide worked very hard towards achieving this record victory.
On January 20, the adjudicator and his team manually counted entries from 5 pm to 11 pm. The number was verified again the next day and only then was the record announced on January 21 in the presence of various dignitaries and MICQ members.
All the crocheted sculptures have been donated to 13 Rotary Clubs, Meghanz, kids schools, SRM University (SRM is taking care of a village), SRM maintenance staff and few items were sold to members and visitors. The proceeds from the sold out sculptures will be donated to the underprivileged.
The Oman MICQ team is now making chemo caps and scarves and blankets for donation to the Dar Al Hannan kids ward of Oman Cancer Association.
Earlier in 2016, after the 1st Guinness World Record victory, the Oman MICQ team had donated the same to Dar Al Hannan kids ward.
MICQ worldwide is dedicating 2018 as thanksgiving year in which they will be making crochet blankets, scarves and caps to be donated to the underprivileged.
In November 2017 the Oman MICQ team had organised an event showcasing their signature sculptures and Tree of Creativity surrounded by various saplings made with crochet in Oman and Indian flag colours. The event was inaugurated by Sushma Pandey, wife of Indian Ambassador to Oman.