Most fuel stations in Dhofar back to normal

MUSCAT: Ahmed bin Hassan al Dheeb, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, confirmed that most of the fuel filling stations in Dhofar are back to normal and the pumping stations of Orpic have resumed the distribution of fuel after the damage caused by cyclonic storm Mekunu. Military vehicles are being used to transport fuel to areas hard hit by the flooding and are inaccessible by vehicles. The rest of the fuel stations are expected to reopen shortly as some of them are being examined by the civil defence authorities to check the validity of the fuel tanks, he added. The electricity companies are currently working hard to restore power within the next few days. Some of the cooking gas distribution companies were affected by electricity supply disruption causing delays in the delivery of cooking gas to all the wilayats. The problem has been rectified and the companies have resumed their operations, the under-secretary said.